Bunt! is a taut tale of how the game is really played… and what happens when one small player tweaks one of the sport’s oldest skills.


Bennie Bruno can bunt a baseball just about anywhere he wants it. He can hop it. Stop it. Even spin reverse-English on it.


What happens? Insane infielders, angry pitchers, hysterical chanting fans and a surprising breakout into a late-season California League pennant race.


Bunt! is great read for baseball fans of all ages, but it really works for the emerging New Adult audience and especially for young men.


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I am the world's oldest beginner. I like learning new things and then teaching others. I've worked with many school systems to create student-driven media campaigns and videos on various topics, such as tobacco, alcohol, nutrition, fitness, and bullying.


I am 107 (on some days) and I've done many things. None was as much fun as being 11.


Writing children's stories is as close as I've come.


I'm a writer who is also a producer, director and creative director. I'm comfortable in many media.


I've been a newspaper reporter for The Miami Herald and the Associated Press and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. I've been active in feature film and video production, magazine publishing, public interest marketing, and website development.


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